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ARFF Departments exist, at a minimum, to satisfy the regulatory requirements of 14 CFR Part 139, subpart D.  For most airports, Part 139 serves as a minimum requirement. The mission of the department and the goals of the airport dictate how much more staffing and equipment is required to satisfy all of those needs.  In today's economy, there seems to be a constant struggle between mission, service and cost.  Airports have a responsibility for safe operations.  They also have a responsibility to their tenants to control costs.  Rarely do these needs fall into alignment.  A confidential evaluation of an ARFF Department will clear up a great deal of "grey" created by the struggle. 
  • Evaluation of staffing, equipment and agent level as per minimum standards, and as per airports stated mission
  • Evaluation of AEP, with recommendation for revision
  • Evaluation of Apparatus and Facilities
  • Evaluation of Training Program

These evaluations will provide guidance for fleet replacement, life cycles and maintenance budgets.  Evaluations of services will provide options for implementing "value added" safety and public education services from ARFF.  These options can be helpful in increasing or maintaining staffing levels, and improvement of service and perception in the airport community.  Each area of the evaluation will be delivered in a factual report based on professional analysis.  ARFF Professional Services can provide remedies for any area in which the airport needs assistance in improving, such as AEP revisions or rewrites, training program development or ongoing training assistance.