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People decide to leave their pets in the car unattended for several personal reasons.  To protect your car from theft, because you can't bring them in the store, you don't want to leave them home alone, etc.  However, leaving your pet in the car unattended and without proper oxygen flow can cause illness or even death.  They can suffer death from heat stroke, suffocation or even brain damage.  Even in the shade, the inside of the car can get 10-20 degrees hotter than the outside.  If you have ever opened the door of your car on a hot day after leaving it for awhile, I am sure you have had to wait a couple minutes before getting in it because of the heat.  Can you imagine sitting in that for a long period of time with no way of getting out?
 If you absolutely must leave your pet in the car, take safety precautions in the process. Here are some key items you should keep with you when traveling with your pet on a hot day:
1.) ice cubes or ice chips
2.) Bottled water
3.) Ice packs or towels
4.) Newspaper for your pet to sit on because the smell of it tends to soothe
5.) Ginger to help ease symptoms of car sickness 
It is illegal to leave your pets in unattended cars in fourteen states:
1.) Arizona
2.) California
3) Illinois
4.) Maine
5.) Maryland
6.) Minnesota
7.) Nevada
8.) New Hampshire
9.) New Jersey
10.) New York
11.) North Dakota
12.) South Dakota
13.) Vermont
14.) West Virginia
Conditions of the car must endanger the life of the animal left in the car for the law to be violated. 
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