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There is a long list of human foods and drinks that should not be fed to dogs like me!  Here are SOME of the MOST DANGEROUS ones that you should stay away from.  
1.) Alcohol
2.) Avocado
3.) Cat food
4.) Chocolate, tea, coffee (caffeine)
5.) Fish
6.) Grapes, raising, currants
7.) Human mulitvitamin supplements containing iron
8.) Macadamia Nuts
9.) Raw eggs
10.) Raw meat
11.) Large amounts of salt
12.) Large amounts of table scraps
Dogs and humans have different metabolisms meaning they cannot digest the same types of food.  All of these foods and drinks listed here contain toxins that can cause damage to the organs, as well as the digestive and nervous systems of your dog.  It is very important to keep them away from your pet and only give them food approved by your veterinarian.


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