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 Plants are deceiving.  One may think that its okay for your pets to eat flowers and other plants, but that is not the case.  Keep your eyes open to your neighborhood and parks that you may take your pet to.  There are several common flowers that you may think are harmless, but are in fact, very harmful indeed.  The following is a small list compared to the one on the Humane Society's website, but you can see the entire list here:
1.) Apple seeds
2.) Azaleas
3.) Buttercups
4.) Christmas Berries
5.) Christmas Roses
6.) Daffodils 
7.) Holly Berries
8.) Hyacinth bulbs 
9.) Iris leaves and roots
10.) Oak shoots and leaves
11.) Poinsettias 
12.) Potato shoots and sprouts
13.) Rhubarb leaves
14.) Velvet grass
15.) Yellow oleander 
ALSO! Visit http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/17-common-poisonous-plants.aspx for even more information about plant that may be harmful to your pets! 


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