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Remembering to wear reflective gear while running, walking, or bicycling at night is very important.  How many times have you been driving down a dark road and have to stop suddenly because you see something moving?  Or how many times have you been exercising and felt like you came close to getting hit by a car?  In either of these cases, was reflective gear being worn?  Probably not.  Reflective gear gives the runner a better sense of awareness, and it gives drivers a better view of him or her.  It is not enough to just wear bright clothing, reflective outerwear is designed to reflect to a driver's eye when approaching you.  On cold nights, don't make the mistake of wearing your reflective vest under your jacket or sweatshirt...really defeats the purpose don't you think?  If you can't afford to buy reflective clothing, try reflective tape or bands that you can put on several parts of your body.  The more body you cover, the better off you are.
When bicycling at night, make sure you have working lights on both the front and back of your bike.  On the front, it should be a solid light that some states require to be visible for 300 feet away or more.  On the back, it should be a blinking light below the back of your seat allowing better visibility to cars and for recognition that you are a cyclist.  Also, DON'T FORGET YOUR HELMET!  It is just as important to wear a helmet as it is to make sure you have reflective tape on your helmet while night riding.  Remember, covering your body with as much reflective gear as possible is the key!
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