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Links to other websites we think you will find helpful.


Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Links
  • ARFFWG.org The Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Working Group is your best source of information and networking among Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighters and others interested in aviation safety across the country and around the world!
  • ARFF INFO    Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) bulletin board and threaded message board.
  • NTSB  National Transportation Safety Board, excellent source of aircraft safety information, aircraft accident data base.
  • IAFPA (UK) The International Aviation Fire Protection Association, the International counterpart to the ARFF Working Group. Another first class organization!
  • FAA ARFF Related Advisory Circulars and CertAlerts, ARFF First Responder Training

FleetChek Checklists

Safety Links
  • OSHA  Excellent source of safety regulations and guidance