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FleetChek Electronic Checklists

FireChecklist™ was developed specifically for fire apparatus.  It is not a system built for a delivery fleet and modified for emergency services. It is designed by firefighters for firefighters.   It is friendly, intuitive and to the point.


The FleetChek Team spent over three years researching the fire industry (ARFF and structural) in order to determine what technologies could be applied to better serve daily fleet operations and safety.  After working with numerous OEMs, dealers and customers, FleetChek created the daily checkout application as a means to remove paper-based technology (daily checkout sheets) with an intuitive easy to use web-based system.  This system captures, records, emails and stores daily check out data, while also providing enhanced training tools and maintenance alerting for operators and fleet maintenance personnel.


FireChecklist™ is a web based system and sold through an annual subscription. It can be managed from any desktop computer..  IOS or Android Tablets  are used to complete vehicle checkout using FireChecklist™.  The I-Pad mini tablets are perfect for this application as they are large enough that everybody can read the font and understand the directions, yet small enough to be convenient for the task.

Fire Checklist Flyer

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